The Strength Builders

At long last, having shaken off a bout of depression and a viral infection which combined to lay me low for the best part of three months I’m now back trainiing regularly and starting the preparation phase for a crack at The Bear Routine which I anticipate I’ll be ready for around the end of August.

The Strength Build sessions are almost a respite on this routine, by that I mean that I don’t get the same feeling of dread in the day pproaching these sessions that I get with the Work Capacity Builders.

As it stands at the moment I’m mid way through my preparation phase before hitting the heavy duty routines. This is essential as I’ve found the loading to be such a shock to my system when I’ve done this before I’ve had to take several false starts to recover. I won’t make that mistake again! I also need to spend some time focusing my mind on the demands of the routine, it’s not to be taken lightly and without a strong focused approach I know that I’ll end up struggling to continue and complete the routine.

As far as preparation goes my routines at the moment consist of a number os sets of Kettlebell related exercises, swings, cleans and snatches are obligatory but I mix them up with either Windmills or Turkish Get Ups, all of which are highly effective.

The other essential bit of home equipment that I use is my ‘sandbag’ An old kit bag filled with about 60Kg of sand. This is used for lifts and carries to increase the workload and to increase my grip strength as well as killer front squat routines. the possibilities with a bag like this are only limited by your imagination and it costs very little to construct.

A couple of weeks more training should be enough, I’m away from home next week so I’ll be mainly using bodyweight exercises and beach sprints, watch out!!

By Pedro

Food and life blogger. The musings of a forty something father of two with the usual life challenges. Tryinng to get fit and strong whislt still enjoying life!

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