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Getting Back on it!

The Past Few Months….

As is painfullly obvious when I look back at the irregularity of my posts to this blog over recent months I haven’t been focusing on either my writing or my training.

This Summer hasn’t been great on either the training front and I’ve let both lapse considerably. It’s difficult to know what to pin the cause of this down to but on reflection I think that it’s down to a combination of a number of small things rather anything particularly major. General fatigue, undoubtedly mild depression all mounting to a general lethargic malaise.

Managing this has been tricky, and I’ve been careful to take the time to relax and just work through it periodically, I haven’t felt particularly unhappy or low, just very tired.

I’ve managed to get a few training sessions in as and when I’ve been feeling OK and gradually I’ve felt better as this has progressed.


Moving Forward…..

It’s only this in the past couple of weeks that I’ve started to look at getting back into a more structured training and eating programme, I need to drop about 8-10 Kg and up my training regime to increase my muscle mass and general cardio fitness to boot.

As such I’m starting to look at setting some goals which I’ll post about soon. Around 10.0 on the beep test is one that I’ll be aiming for, as well as making some improvements on my bench and squat weights.

Kettlebells will play a major part in this regime and as I start to plan the programme I’ll be incorporating a significant amount of time to my Cardio and endurance with these. I’ll keep a track of my progress with regular beep tests on the Cardio front and a record of my gains in respect of my general training and weight management.

I’m not sure as to my eating plan at the moment, a variation of The Warrior Diet has worked for me in the past so I may have a look at that again.

I’ll keep you posted more regularly from here on in.

All The Best


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Food and life blogger. The musings of a forty something father of two with the usual life challenges. Tryinng to get fit and strong whislt still enjoying life!

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