10,000 Swing Challenge

Life’s been busy getting in the way of blogging here. I haven’t been dipping my training routine though. I’ve done two all round phases since I last blogged and have felt good. The only blip was a five week layoff in March/ April resulting from a bad gastro bug. Otherwise I’ve been lucky enough to remain injury free.

This year is the first year in about four years that I haven’t slotted in Stan Pikes ‘Bear Routine’ by now. Frankly, I haven’t had the mental strength to get myself motivated for it and have spent weeks puting it off. Instead, I’m going to try and complete a 10,000 swing challenge. That’s 10,000 swings in thirty days with a 24Kg kettlebell. This may sound like a lot, it is. averaging three to five hundred swings a day every other day or so.

I’ll keep the results posted as I progress.

By Pedro

Food and life blogger. The musings of a forty something father of two with the usual life challenges. Tryinng to get fit and strong whislt still enjoying life!

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