10,000 Success!

Having spent two months recovering from injury, it took a while to get going again. After a slow start I managed to build up my reps and increase the KB weight from 16Kg through 20Kg to finish with a 24Kg kettlebell.

I used the prospect of a forthcoming ski trip as an incentive and as I write this after two days of hard skiing in can say that I’m really feeling the benefi, ┬áin both output and recovery.

The 10,000 swing challenge has been a great foundation for this year’s Bear Routine which I’ll start in preparation for this year’s Manchester 10k in May. I always go through some anxiety prior to the Bear Routine. Stan Pike is a giant of a man for firstly coming up with this extremely challenging routine and secondly doing it. It’s become something of a rite of passage every year for me to do it and prove that I still can.

By Pedro

Food and life blogger. The musings of a forty something father of two with the usual life challenges. Tryinng to get fit and strong whislt still enjoying life!

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