Paradigm Shift

It felt as if this bit of the world shifted on Friday morning.

As I woke up to the result that the United Kingdom was no longer united and that 52% of the country had voted to leave the European Union. Scotland, Northern Ireland, London, Manchester and Liverpool voting to remain. Wales, unbelievably, have voted to leave despite having benefited more than almost anywhere else in the UK from European investment and grants.

The fallout continues, with hours of the result, David Cameron resigned, and in the days since, pressure has been increasing upon Jeremy Corbyn to step down as Labour leader. As I write this a number of Shadow Cabinet members have resigned.

I watch with interest to see what happens next.

By Pedro

Food and life blogger. The musings of a forty something father of two with the usual life challenges. Tryinng to get fit and strong whislt still enjoying life!

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