Workout 25 January 2012

My seventh session of the month. I was hoping to have trained more this month but a week and a bit’s break hasn’t helped me get anywhere near the number of sessions that I wanted to complete this month. Better luck next month!


Tonights session then:

Split Hang Clean 5×5

1 leg Swiss ball SHELC 5×5

Barbell Row 5×5

Cable Pull Down Combo 5×5

Windshield wipers 8×5

barbell Straight leg sit up 30/30.


A set of finishers to complete:

Bent Row- Back Extension- Neider Press (Timed sets)

Hang Clean – Lunge Press ( Timed sets)


This was a good session and the first time I’ve done the single leg ball SHELCS, blimey, they are tougher than they look so definitely feeling it today!

More soon!